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Hotel Onda Verde Amalfi Coast Italy
Restaurant in Praiano - Hotel Onda Verde
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Ravello Concert Society

The older Ravello Concert Society runs a yearlong program, with a few concerts also held in the Chiesa di Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini and at La Gabella in Praiano. Most evening concerts are held at 9:30, with occasional performances starting at 6:30. Note that the 9:30 concerts begin well after sunset, so come earlier if you want to catch the evening glow. Annual concert schedules -- listed on the Hotel Onda Verde Web site.

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Night Club L'Africana

Off a mile-long footpath from the Marina del Praia -- or accessed via an elevator from Statale 163 -- L'Africana is a classic from the 1960s, a golden-oldie on the coast. Jackie O danced one night away on the glass-aquarium floor. With open-to-the-sea atmosphere, an indoor boat that's a buffet of antipasti, animal prints, and wildish shows with partial nudity, you can eat lightly, drink heavily, and dance until the Gulf of Salerno sunrise. If coming from Positano or Amalfi, you can also get here on one of the nightclub's boats.

Anema e Core - Capri

Anema e Core means "soul and heart" in Caprese dialect. This popular place is tucked down a quiet side street, a two-minute walk from the Piazzetta. Admission (EUR 25) includes an eclectic range of lightish live music (after 11 PM) and a drink from the bar. No food is served, so come well-sated. There's no dancing here officially, though some patrons -- including celebrities -- occasionally take to the tables. The spot is closed Monday and is usually open 9 PM to 3 AM. Reservations are essential on weekends.

Music on the Rocks - Positano

Music on the Rocks is a popular bar with occasional live music set in a seaside cave off the Spaggia Grande beach, favored by the likes of Matt Dillon, Lenny Kravitz, Kate Moss, and Denzil Washington. Special events excepted, entrance is free as long as you buy a drink for around EUR 20.


Hotel Onda Verde
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