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Hotel Onda Verde Amalfi Coast Italy
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Grotta dello Smeraldo
Geological Site, Conca dei Marini

On the outskirts of Conca dei Marini, the Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto) is a much-touted stop for day-trippers. The rather tacky sign on the road and the squadron of tour buses may put you off, but it's definitely worth a stop. Steps and an elevator bring you almost to sea level, but more delightful is to arrive by boat, which you can hire at just about any port up and down the coast. The karstic cave was originally part of the shore, but the lowest end sank into the sea when the peninsula subsided (the coast remains active, so it may eventually sink even lower -- or rise). Intense greenish light filters into the water from an arch below sea level and is reflected off the walls of the cave, quite living up to emerald expectations. You wait to board a large rowboat with about 20 fellow passengers, and then you set off with a guide, gondolier fashion, through the smallish cavern filled with huge stalactites and stalagmites. Don't let the boatman's constant spiel detract from the half-hour experience -- this is one of those tours that points out stalactites that look like Lincoln (for Americans), Napoléon (for the French), and Garibaldi (for the Italians); just tune out and enjoy the sparkles, shapes, and Harry Winston-esque color. A tourist from Amalfi raved in a hotel log in 1858 that the cave "…can compete with Vesuvius," but it was forgotten about for years afterward until the grotto was rediscovered by a local fisherman in the 1930s. The light is best from noon to 3 PM, which is fortunately when hordes of potential visitors will be tucking into their pasta elsewhere. At Christmas there's a special celebration conducted around the underwater crèche. COST: EUR5. OPEN: Daily 9-3:30.

Address: Beyond Punta Acquafetente by boat, or off Amalfi Dr., Conca dei Marini, Italy
Phone: 089/871107 Amalfi tourist board

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Hotel Onda Verde
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