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Hotel Onda Verde Amalfi Coast Italy
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Convento di Santa Rosa
Religious Site, Conca dei Marini

To the east along the cliff-side road is the sky-swimming church and Convento di Santa Rosa, which perches, "closer to heaven than to earth," on a bluff 1,000 feet over the sea, looking like some sort of Amalfitan Xanadu. Built as a theological university in the 15th century, and transformed into a Dominican monastery in the 16th century, the convent was abandoned in the 1920s and subsequently renovated into an albergo-inn. Alas, the owners closed up shop. Today, this wondrous structure is reputedly someone's private home, but seems to be falling into disrepair -- a bid by Silvio Berlusconi to purchase it in 2006 came to nothing. Its Chiesa di Santa Rosa, a 14th-century church, is the site for numerous recitals hosted by the Ravello Concert Society, so attending a performance is the only way you can get past the gates these days. For information, contact the Ravello Concert Society (PHONE: 089/858149; In the 18th century the nuns of the convent created one of the great local dishes, sfogliata Santa Rosa (a sweet cream-cheese-and-ricotta pastry shaped like a nun's hood). The mother superior distributed this delicacy free back then. Today, on Sunday and holy days, the pastries are baked, and savored, by locals and visiting revelers. You can head up to the Santa Rosa bluff by following the road leading up into Conca from the coastline, but if you want to take in the view of the convent from adjacent hills, use the mountaintop highway connecting Amalfi to Sorrento, which (unfortunately) runs right by the convent gates.

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  • Duomo
    Religious Site, Ravello



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