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Castello Aragonese
Castle/Palace, Ischia Ponte

Landmarked by the spectacular Castello Aragonese, the harbor at Ischia Ponte is Ischia's main gateway. From afar you can make out the brooding, towering castle, which sits atop an islet just off the main shore. The town's name (Ischia Bridge) refers to the striking causeway built in the mid-15th century to connect it with the rest of Ischia. The little island was settled as early as the 5th century BC, when the tyrant Hiero of Syracuse came to the aid of Cumae in its power struggle against the Etruscans. This was his reward: an almost unassailable natural islet more than 300 feet high, on which he erected high watchtowers to monitor movements across the Bay of Naples. The island changed hands in the succession of centuries, with Greeks from Neapolis, Romans, Visigoths, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Saracens, Normans, Swabians, and Angevins successively modifying the fortifications and settlements. Ischia Ponte was where the population of Ischia sought refuge in 1301, when Epomeo's last eruption buried the town of Geronda on the other side of the causeway. The new influx of inhabitants led to a flurry of building activity, most notably the Cattedrale dell'Assunta, built above a preexisting chapel that then became its crypt. In the following century the Angevin castle was rebuilt by Alfonso of Aragon (1438), who gave it much of its present form. However, its turbulent history continued well into the 19th century, when it was seriously damaged by the English in their attempts to dislodge the French during the Napoleonic Wars (1809).

Two hours should be enough to give you a feel of the citadel, stroll along its ramparts, and visit its key religious sites. Don't miss the frescoed 14th-century crypt beneath the cathedral (Giotto school), although the ruined cathedral itself, with its noticeable 18th-century additions -- such as the Baroque stucco work -- is quite atmospheric.

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Occasional exhibitions are held in the Chiesa dell'Immacolata, and there are two bars. Access to the citadel is via an elevator from the base, and the various walks at the top are clearly signposted. While taking in the whole site, enjoy the stunning views from the various vantage points. COST: EUR10. OPEN: June-Sept., daily 9-7:30; Mar.-May, Oct.-Jan. 8, daily 9-5; Closed Jan. 9-Mar. 1.

Address: Castello Aragonese, Ischia Ponte, Italy
Phone: 081/992834
  • Duomo
    Religious Site, Ravello



  Duomo di Sant' Andrea
Religious Site, Amalfi
  Arsenale della Repubblica
Archaeological Site, Amalfi
  Convento di Santa Rosa
Religious Site, Conca dei Marini
  Grotta dello Smeraldo
Geological Site, Conca dei Marini
Religious Site, Ravello
  Grotta di Matermania
Geological Site, Capri Town
  Giardini di Augusto
Garden/Arboretum, Capri Town
  Arco Naturale
Geological Site, Capri Town
  Certosa di San Giacomo
Religious Site, Capri Town
  I Faraglioni  
Geological Site, Capri Town
  La Piazzetta
Square, Capri Town
  Castello Barbarossa
Castle/Palace, Anacapri
  Grotta Azzurra  
Body of Water, Anacapri
  Abbazia di San Michele
Religious Site, Terra Murata
  Basilica di Sant'Antonino
Religious Site, Sorrento
  Duomo dei SS Filippo e Giacomo
Religious Site, Sorrento
  Greek temples
Archaeological Site, Paestum

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